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How to achieve peace of mind?



How to achieve peace of mind?

Recently, I went on a trip to achieve peace of mind and till last day I was restless. I visited few places, looked for beautiful scenes and everything but I was restless all along, till last day.last day I went to a small cliff in the morning and just sat there enjoying the view and thinking what is going in my life, what I need ti achieve, am I achieving it, etc. That made me feel I can do this even at home.

So I decided to make few changes in my lifestyle.

1.Every night after dinner I go for a 10 min walk and think what I did today from beginning to end, where I got stuck, how I could have handled the situation,  happy things, bad things etc.This in psychology is known as me time and is very important to grow.

2.Talk to myself, whenever I get chance I talk to myself which gives me the solution itself,,  when I am pissed up about something  I call a friend and try to explain him and it makes me fell light and come up with solutions because when the problem is in the sub-conscious mind it irritates us but when it come to our conscious mind then I t seems small and we are able to handle it.

3.Always make a to-do list once you enter the down all the things need to be done today. small big doesn;t matter and prioritize them and start doing them and at the end of the day drop that list in the dustbin and make a fresh list the next day.

if your mind is sought you would always have more time and would be stress-free, I am doing this for some time now and it a very good technique to keep you sorted.

Remember if you are not able to complete last day’s task, just write the pending tasks and throw the old list and start with a new list it would give you a motivation to start new and achieve the tasks.


  1. How to achieve piece of mind? The process takes effort and awareness. There can be something preventing us from achieving peace of mind, and it’s a good idea to figure out what it is.

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