Hey! are you here who believe to have a prodigious ability to distinguish the world according to gender? Well, I have to say something to you. People has an ability to see things according to gender: a boy or a girl thing.  We have, Don’t you believe?

Gym, you might think it for girls too.

But what about a muscular body? A boy looks good in muscles and not girls, right? That’s how we have defined the muscular bodies, meant for males and that’s why Bani j or Gurbani Judge was trolled for her body and why not, after all, she broke the stereotype.

We came to some conclusions according to society trends. But did you notice we are going blind in making the terms for the whole society?

I visited my birth place on the occasion of my elder sister’s marriage. After a great time and enjoyment, I got some time to relax. Then I decided to visit my school time friend who was recently blessed with a baby boy. I went to buy something for the newborn and I took a dress for him. What I loved about the dress that it was made up of soft cotton and was having “Mommy I Love You” written in bold letters. I saw the dress and took that immediately. I packed the gift and went to see my friend that day itself as I was leaving for Delhi the next day. I hurried to see her and the baby. As I saw him, I handled the gift to my friend. I, accidently, mentioned “hey cutie pie chutki” to which my friend abruptly said, “it’s chhutku or chhutka not chhutki”. “Yes I know, It’s a boy. It’s just that it came out as it is, does this raise a question against his gender?” She looked at me in very different manner and not just her but her mother stopped smiling and buried her face in weaving woolen yarn. I remained silent for another 5 minutes to understand where I went wrong. Then the moment came when my friend opened the gift and saw the ‘Pink shirt and white panda-printed-pajama’. “PINK??? He is a boy. And pink is for girls. Don’t you know that?” as she rolled her eyes towards me. I, for another 5 minutes, started recalling when did my studies went in different directions that she knows these stuff and not me. Now her mother did smile at me mockingly. I just finished up eating my snacks and stood up to leave. She accompanied me to my car and I left saying her bye, with a confused face.

I was never given a clue that colour, in any part of your life, is going to define your gender. The baby knows nothing today. But now I am sure, he is going to smile at me too if he finds about my first gift to him, in future. And now I know who is going to tell him about the “PINK” or “BLUE” thing. Going with the trend, no doubt is good. But the colour is questioning your gender? Really? I am so sorry for your thinking then.
P.S. PINK is a good movie, though.